Remembering dining with the Eighth Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Barket Ali Khan Walashan Mukarram Jah Bahadur

Remembering dining with Nizam V111, Mir Barket Ali Khan Walashan Mukarram Jah Bahadur

There was something about him. His Royal Humility. His Royal Simplicity. The only time Nawab Mir Barket Ali Khan Walashan Mukarram Jah Bahadur chose to go public was on one particular occasion in Hyderabad. I was more than happy to be part of his cavalcade when this happened.

There was something about his persona. It spoke more for him than the few words that he would utter.

There was more to him than just being Nizam, the V111. Being the titular successor to the last Nizam V11, Mir Osman Ali Khan, the grandson did little to either flaunt his title or his wealth.

The only time Nawab Mir Barket Ali Khan Walashan Mukarram Jah Bahadur chose to go public was on one particular occasion in Hyderabad. I was more than happy to be part of his cavalcade when this happened.

Mukarram Jah married the beauty queen of Turkey, Manolya Onur in 1989. The former Miss Turkey, Manolya Onur sat by her husband’s side in the car during a visit to Hyderabad.

Sadruddin Jhaveri and his wife Sherry Jhaveri were managing Mukarram Jah’s financial affairs and properties at that time. Sherry Jhaveri asked if I would like join the in the short journey that the royal couple would undertake. From Banjara Hills, they would proceed to Barkas where a dinner was planned.

It was during the Ramadan period and Mukarram Jah hosted ‘Iftar’ at Barkas for the local people there who had turned up in large numbers.

I sat in another car behind Mukarram Jah and his wife Manolya Onur. There were many other cars in the cavalcade. It was a royal cavalcade.

Mukarram Jah, from what I have seen of him, has a certain disposition. He is royal. He knows it. He knows people know it. Therefore, he has to do nothing to signify his importance or flaunt himself. Whatever he did or not do, and whatever he would say or not say, would do little to change the fact that he was Nizam, the V111.

Mukarram Jah was a man given a few words.  If he choose to live an ordinary life as a royal, it was supposed to be ordinary because he was like any other citizen. The title to his name as Nizam, the V111, was official as he was coronated so after the death of his grandfather, Nizam, the V11, Mir Osman Ali Khan. The Government of India too had recognised Mukarram Jah with his title.

As he drove from Banjara Hills, it was not supposed to be a grand affair. What was evident was that no public was mobilised was give the ‘Prince and Princess’ as I shall refer to the couple here, a grand welcome or cheer them. En route, people who noticed the royal couple waved to them or greeted them with respect.

Mukarram Jah, as I noticed, was not someone who would display his emotions. Whatever he felt was what was within himself. He would have a straight face all the time – not intentionally serious but that was how he was.  Manolya too was not overly expressive when she saw the adulation but the fact that she was mighty pleased was evident. Simplicity as Mukarram Jah’s hallmark. He would do nothing to call attention to himself as we saw in the years to come. During his visits to Hyderabad from Turkey, he would go to a mosque to offer prayers. Those who recognised him would greet him.

Coming back to our ride from Banjara Hills. It was a royal ride indeed to Barkas where there was a lot of activity. Several tables and chairs had been arranged in a line for the ‘Iftar’ that Mukarram Jah and his wife Manolya were hosting to the local people there. The crowd was thrilled. Their respect for Mukarram Jah showed in the way they greeted him. Needless to say, and natural as it was, many wanted to come closer to the Prince and greet him.  The crowd was regulated.

I sat to the right side of the couple, a few meters away, at another table. After the Iftar, we returned. The Prince and Princess left an indelible impression.

We were to meet the Prince on another occasion more than 30 years ago. This was at the Chiraan Palace inside the Kasu Brahmananda Reddy national park. He was to speak to the media about some allegations that trees in the national park was being cut. As we sat in the palace waiting for the Prince to arrive and speak, word came that the Prince would not speak. Instead, his staff gave a note on his behalf to say that no trees were being cut down. As one noticed, there was indeed no sign of any trees having been cut down. Perhaps, that was what the Prince wanted everyone to see for themselves instead of him saying it.

Mukarram Jah was a man of few words, from what I knew of him. He was also a sensitive man. He chose his lifestyle – away from all adulation and attention. He chose to be an enigma.

And an enigma he will remain.

(Nawab Mir Barket Ali Khan Walashan Mukarram Jah Bahadur H E H The eight Nizam of Hyderabad passed away in Istanbul, Turkey on January 14, 2023 at the age of 89. Monolya was his third wife. He married Jamila Bourlarous, a Moroccon beauty queen after his divorce with Manolya. His fifth marriage was with Ayesha Orchedi of Turkey. His first wife was Esra Birgin of Turkey and his second wife was Helen Simmons. The body of Mir Barket Ali Khan Walashan Mukarram Jahn Bahadur will be brought from Turkey to Hyderabad today, that is on January 17, 2023 for the funeral which will take place here.)

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