After the fight, a healing touch

              After the fight, a healing touch

I was paying keen attention to what he was saying. It was providing an insight into his mind.  We were driving from Koti Women's college to Jubilee Hills. Koti Women's college was a shooting location. We decided to meet at his shooting location for a conversation.  

That was good because I could also watch the shooting, how he went about his work, and then I could be on my work - which was to talk to him. Several things struck me. First, the manner in which he addressed everyone on the sets showing due respect to everyone - and also affectionate in responding to greetings. It was a fight sequence. The fight master was ready. To me, it looked like a tough thing to do. 

Well, anyway, I was not the one who was acting. So, I waited to see how he would execute the fight. Of course, as a matter of abundant precaution, there was a safety arrangement on the ground. The fight choreographer called for 'action'. I relaxed. Everyone on the sets was alert. The gangsters arrived at the designated place. The hero tackled them in what were well choreographed moves. All of a sudden, there was applause on the sets. The shot had been canned and it was perfect. The hero walked towards me. But took a moment to step back to tap on the shoulders of the fighters to appreciate them for their work. Here was one, when everyone was applauding him on the sets, he appreciated the fighters for their neat execution. They were mighty thrilled. 

The shooting was wrapped up for the day sometime in the afternoon itself. But I was not done with the conversation I was hoping to have with the hero. He understood my predicament. He came up with an idea. "Why don't you travel with me in my car ad we can talk on the way?" he asked. He noticed that I was hesitant. "How did you come?" he enquired. I told him that I had come on my two-wheeler. He did not take even a few seconds to find a solution. "Don't worry about your bike. You will get it at my house," he said. "Can I have the keys please?" he asked gently. I gave them to him. He handed it over to one of the persons in his security and drive back to his house on the two-wheeler. Otherwise, he was supposed to be one of those who followed him in another car behind him. 

I was only too happy with the arrangement. I sat in his car at Koti and we kept talking. I was taking mental notes - because it was not just about writing what he said but what he meant and what would give an insight into his thinking. On the way, he suddenly got distracted. "Take the car to the side and stop," he told the driver. I wondered what had happened. He had noticed something that I hadn't. In fact, I was not even looking outside. His security car also stopped wondering why the boss had taken his car to the side. He called them on the mobile and instructed them what to do. "I just saw that someone met with an accident and the victim is bleeding on the road. Put him in your car and take him to the hospital," he instructed them.

It was a hit and run case and the victim was lying on the road. The motorist who was the cause for the accident had sped away from the scene of offence. A group of people had gathered around the man but it did not appear that they were doing anything to take him to the hospital or give him medical aid. All this he noticed in just a couple of seconds as were in the car. "Take him to the hospital and also pay for his bill. We do not know who he is and whether he has money or not. But take him to the hospital, get him treated and also see to it that he is dropped at his house," he said. 

An unknown person was helped by the hero. The person also was not aware as to who had helped him in distress. 

I kept thinking about how a big star like him and helped a total stranger. But Chiranjeevi did not think he had done any great thing.

 "I did what I thought I should be doing. Those around him were only being spectators when the victim needed help," Chiranjeevi told me as we reached his house.   

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