The most unusual interview I did was with George Fernandez

George Fernandez and I were supposed to meet for an interview at Secunderabad railway station. I went to his room and he was taking his afternoon seista. I announced my arrival. He did not open his eyes but asked me to take a seat. I waited for him to get up so that I could ask him questions. “Go ahead and ask,” he said. “Was I supposed to interview a man who was sleeping?” I felt offended and also amused. But after all, he was George Fernandez, a giant of a leader who had a clean slate, having also served as railway minister. Well, if George Fernandez wanted to answer my questions by lying on the cot, closing his eyes and taking his afternoon nap, I reasoned with myself as to why I should have any objection. So, I asked. He answered. Throughout the interview that lasted for more than 30 minutes, the socialist leader did not open his eyes but answered every question without battling an eyelid. 
So why could I not wake up a sleeping giant? Firstly, when George Fernandez told me on phone that we could meet at Secunderabad railway station, he gave no clarity on where exactly. I reached the place well before the time he gave him. I literally had to search out where he was. I found out that there were some rooms at the railway station and he had checked into one small room. It took nearly half an hour to locate him. 
By the time I found him after half an hour, it was time for him to have his afternoon seista as he also had waited for me for half an hour. 
So instead of sending me away saying I had not shown up at the appointed time, he himself found a way out. He would sleep. Because that was his time to sleep. He would also speak at the same time answering my questions. No, he did not doze off. All he wanted was to lie down and keep his eyes closed. Ears were wide open. Unusual interview. 

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